Natural First Aid & Illness Kit

Natural First Aid & Illness Kit

no matter our quality attempts to stay a healthful and toxin loose life, there are instances while illness or injury strike. In a number of those cases (like trauma), traditional medical remedy is definitely warranted and i’m truly thankful that scientific remedy is available if needed.

but what about the instances when the infection or harm is not life threatening, however merely uncomfortable or proscribing? at the same time as our first intuition (specifically as dad and mom) may be to get medication to mediate symptoms, there are regularly natural treatments that don’t intervene with the body’s own immune responses and that may help ease uncomfortable symptoms.

a lot of these herbal treatments also can be used in the comfort of your home, instead of having to take your self or your ill or injured baby to a health practitioner and expose them (and  others) to greater infection.

the subsequent is a listing of what is in my “First aid package” and is a aggregate of treatments I’ve tested myself, ones recommended via a naturopathic physician, and ones that i am hoping to in no way need! Please notice that i'm now not a health practitioner and don’t play one on the internet, so this list is for informational purposes only and is not meant for use as a alternative when scientific attention is needed!

Herbs in My First aid kit
be aware: almost all of the under herbs are to be had here and are of awesome nice. on account that they may be simply free herbs, they do take instruction in some instances, however buying them here is a less pricey alternative to drugs or pre-made remedies. I personally get most of my herbs this way and make my very own tinctures and salves. If you decide to order through Mountain Rose Herbs, just use the quest container in the top proper hand corner to locate the herbs you’d like to order.

Activated Charcoal: For acute use in meals poisoning, intestinal contamination, vomiting, diarrhea, ingestion of pollution, and many others. additionally keep the neighborhood poison control range available in case a toddler ingests a poisonous substance and at once take a toddler to the medical institution if he/she has swallowed a battery or magnet!

Arnica– Topical creme used for muscle ache or harm, bruises or any type of trauma. We’ve located that it greatly decreased restoration time or bruises and sore muscle groups while used topically right after injury. no longer for inner use or use on open cuts.

Cayenne Powder– even though this is a great addition to many ingredients, it is even higher to have in a medication cupboard. I keep a few cayenne pills in my purse as well. Topically, cayenne powder allows stop bleeding swiftly. I’ve read instances of it being taken internally at some stage in heart assaults to growth blood drift and assist clean blockage, even though fortuitously, I’ve never had to check this one. it's also a useful treatment to take internally in the course of infection because it increases blood drift and speeds recuperation.

Chamomile– I order this in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs (and hold inside the freezer). i take advantage of it to make a calming tincture that facilitates calm youngsters if they're sick or simply have trouble napping. The tincture additionally works wonders on teething gums. The dried flowers also can be made into a poultice with some gauze and positioned on an eye fixed for 15 minutes each hour to opposite pinkeye unexpectedly (typically works in a couple of hours). Brewed as a tea, chamomile is a calming drink at night and the tea can be cooled and rubbed at the stomach of colicky toddlers to assist sooth them. I from time to time upload a few brewed chamomile tea to the child’s bathtub as it's far wonderful for the pores and skin and promotes relaxation. I keep the tincture in my purse at all times.

Comfrey-An outside herb that promotes recovery from injuries and broken bones. A poultice made with plantain and comfrey this is placed on a wound can substantially reduce the restoration time and help save you and reverse infection. I make a homemade “Neosporin” with this and different herbs and use it on trojan horse bites, cuts, bruises and poison ivy. it is to be had here and it's miles nice to preserve the dried herb accessible for poultices and homemade salves.

Eucalyptus Herb and important Oil– I maintain accessible for respiratory type issues. We use eucalyptus herb in a face steam for congestion or sinus issues and that i make a moderate (and petroleum unfastened) model of Vapo-Rub for coughing and respiratory infection. The crucial oil can be diluted with coconut oil or olive oil and be carried out externally to the toes and chest to assist open nasal passageways.

Ginger pills– Ginger is wonderful for nausea, reflux, belly hassle and morning sickness. I additionally preserve a few within the vehicle for motion illness. It facilitates sooth the belly after a digestive contamination or food poisoning.

Echinacea– I hold a home made echinacea tincture handy for intense ailments. I don’t use it as a first inn, however it is helpful in prolonged ailments.

Peppermint Herb and crucial Oil– some other first-rate digestive herb. For disillusioned stomach or digestive contamination, the herb is made right into a tea. The tincture can be used internally or externally for headache or digestive troubles and whilst integrate with a few different digestive herbs, it makes a distinctly effective digestive useful resource and nausea remedy. The important oil carried out in the back of the ears and at the ft helps alleviate headache or nausea and a susceptible tea crafted from the herb and rubbed at the pores and skin can assist sooth a colicky infant. We additionally use the essential oil in our homemade toothpaste. The herb and oil are each to be had right here.

Plantain–proper to have the loose herb reachable. It surely grows in maximum locations in the summer time and looks like the image on the right. You’ve likely pulled it as a weed without understanding it. it's miles a natural remedy for poison ivy, cuts, scrapes and bites. In a pinch, I’ve picked a few from the floor, chewed and positioned it on a bee sting… it without delay relieved the ache. I maintain the dried herb accessible always to make into a poultice for bites, stings, cuts and contamination. My maximum recent use changed into on a showed brown recluse chew and a mixture of plantain and comfrey in a poultice saved the chunk from eating away the tissue and helped it heal absolutely.

Slippery Elm-useful for sore or angry throat or when you lose your voice. these lozenges flavor awesome and are beneficial for kids with sore throats. The herb itself can be utilized in tinctures or teas for sore throat alleviation.

other remedies:
Apple Cider Vinegar– I keep a bottle of organic Apple Cider Vinegar with “the mother” on hand for digestive issues, indigestion, food poisoning and more. Taken in a dose of 1 teaspoon in keeping with 8 oz of water each hour, it enables shorten the duration of any type of infection, although it is hard to get kids to take it willingly.

diet C– beneficial for all ailments, but specifically flu-related ailments. I maintain the powder reachable because it's far additive loose and can be blended into meals or liquids to get the kids to consume it.

Aloe Vera Plant-we have one growing in the house for burns and blisters.

Epsom Salt-correct as a bath soak for sore muscular tissues. Dissolved in water, it can additionally be a terrific soak to help dispose of splinters.

Hydrogen Peroxide-I hold numerous bottles on arms at all times. except the use of in my home made OxyClean and for cleansing out wounds, it could help prevent ear contamination and shorten length of respiratory infection. At the first sign of ear contamination or contamination a dropper complete of Hydrogen Peroxide may be put within the ear. The person then leaves the peroxide in for 15 minutes or till it stops effervescent and repeats on the opposite facet.

homemade Neosporin (recipe here)-  I make my own “Neosporin” healing Salve (no petroleum needed). I hold it in small tins and in lip chap packing containers for on-the-go length. This “boo-boo lotion” as my youngsters call it, is used on cuts, bruises, rashes and something else antibiotic ointment might be used on.

Witch Hazel– I maintain a gallon handy to be used on cuts, scrapes, and in cosmetic makes use of. It makes a remarkable skin toner and is right for postpartum backside 🙂

Gelatin– I take gelatin often for its fitness blessings, however I additionally keep it handy for first useful resource and illness. The herbal gelatin in homemade chicken soup (from the bones and tissue) is one of the things that makes it so nourishing throughout infection. during any type of illness, the troubled receives gelatin in numerous methods: in food, homemade jello, smoothies, in hot tea, and many others. After surgeries or whilst there specially bad cuts that would scar, I also give gelatin to speed pores and skin healing. there is proof that it is also powerful in improving blood clotting when used externally on a wound, even though i've no longer tested this.

Baking Soda-additionally a great treatment to maintain accessible. For excessive heartburn or urinary track infections, 1/4 tsp may be taken internally to help alleviate fast. it is able to also be made right into a poultice and used on sider bites.

Probiotics-those are the most powerful probiotics I’ve discovered and we use them in the course of any illness and after the illness to restore gut bacteria. I’ve seen customers enhance pores and skin conditions with ordinary use of probiotics, and i mainly endorse them to pregnant moms, as new child toddlers get hold of their intestine bacteria from their mother and this may make a notable distinction in if child will get ear infections or illness within the first months. For kids who get steady infection and ear infections, probiotics also can surely help.

Coconut Oil– I’ve said it before, however i am to coconut oil as the dad in My big fats Greek wedding is to Windex. From pores and skin salve, to diaper creme, to makeup remover, to antifungal treatment, i use coconut oil for everything. I preserve some inside the first resource kit to add treatments to to take internally, to use to use tinctures and assist absorption externally and for dry skin and chapped lips. there may be additionally developing evidence that daily intake of 1/four cup or extra of coconut oil can help protect against Alzheimer’s and nourish the thyroid.

other substances:
–Butterfly Bandages

Superglue– On minor to moderate skin cuts (no longer puncture wounds) use superglue and butterfly bandages. I’ve used this rather than stitches numerous instances and it healed faster and left much less scarring than the locations I’ve had stitches. in particular proper for face and different visible regions that scar without problems or in hair wherein other bandages may be hard to use. I’ve also use on fingertips or knuckles (I’m notorious for grating knuckles even as cooking) or other locations in which band aids gained’t live well.

Strips of sterilized muslin fabric in plastic luggage for wrapping wounds.

reduce off wool sleeves from old sweaters to cover bandages and hold ice packs

hot water bottle

Enema kit

Bulb syringe and NoseFrida for assisting with congestion in children

diverse bandages and gauze

homemade ice % (just freeze liquid dish soap or rubbing alcohol in a double-bagged- ziplock bag and use as an ice %.

Do you operate any natural treatments for illness or first aid? percentage your hints beneath!

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